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About Us

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I’m a versatile content writer who has learned to evolve with the changing online landscape. This journey that has taken me through various rich and flavourful writing experiences. I have penned content related to everything from fitness and health, food, landscaping, and web design, to alternative investment avenues, accounting, finance and more.

I enjoy writing every piece, be it an article, a blog or web content. I’ve always used my strong research abilities and creative writing skills to write content that speaks volumes.

Since I focus on customization, my clients can be sure that the content they get is unique, engaging and relevant to their business.

How the wheels are set in motion…

My passion for the written word and my verve help ensure that clients get nothing but the best content.

I take the time to understand the key aspects of the task before diving into any project. And once the foundation is firmly set in place, I build on it word by word, so what my clients get is error-free content with an edge, delivered on time.

My objective is simple- To make sure I provide value to my clients and weave words that will make an impact and give them the visibility they need.

The One Woman Team

Since I am the whole and soul of this venture, I have complete control over every word that comes off my board. I use this aspect to my benefit and make sure that what I write has an impact and makes a difference !!

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The Brain Behind the Venture

Priti Desai


The Cornerstone

Priti Desai



The Soul of the PritiCandidWriter

Next Steps…

If you need web content, articles, blogs, press releases, case studies etc written… you are in the right place. Feel free to drop me a line or call at the listed number.

Lets set the wheels in motion…